Pride (Parent’s Responsibility in Delivering Excellence) – For the art of Parenting
Family is the child’s primary social group. Parents play pivotal role in Mental, physical, social, financial and career development of a child. The parents love is unconditional and un restricted in providing a better life for their children. Hence, training parents is observed by the SEIF as the fundamental point and started “The art of Parenting” through PRIDE programme.
Parents are the first mentors of a child. So, SEIF designed a programme “PRIDE” for the parents to enhance Parenting skills like Active listening, importance of encouragement, importance of appreciation, importance of patience &persistence and avoiding shaming and labelling their own kids in comparison with others etc.

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Having made significant strides through its PRIDE programs, SEIF has successfully reached and positively influenced the lives of One lakh parents to date. Undeniably committed to its journey, SEIF recognizes the paramount importance of well-trained parents in shaping a better and more harmonious society. SEIF firmly believes that training parents plays a pivotal role in constructing a better society, evident through the numerous changes witnessed in both the younger generation and children. Recognizing the need for enhanced parental skills to effectively connect with and guide their children, SEIF continues to pursue its mission with unwavering dedication
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