Self Defence-Fostering confidence levels in Girls.
The Girl children are facing bitter abuse and harassment from certain elements of the society. Though one can see the women empowerment on one side but pathetically on the other side girl children have been encountering discrimination, distress and even peer pressure from their own families and relatives.Today child trafficking is being addressed as an urgent and crucial issue by the Government.
However, the world is advancing in every way and becoming more predictable in future certinities. The SEIF keenly observed all these kinds of things in the society, researched and brought forth “self defence training for Girl child” and launched it on 7th October 2021.This training provides the girl children the to-do list for delf defence. It boosts their confidence, raises their esteem levels, increases strength etc. Even in the dark stages of life the Girl children can learn how to overcome the sexual abuse in any kind of extreme situations.

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Through our self-defense initiatives, we have positively impacted 15,000 students so far and by equipping them with essential self- defense skills, we have not only enhanced their physical and psychological fitness like fostering resilience and empowerment but also instilled a newfound sense of self-confidence. Our dedication to cultivating a safer and more empowered community drives us to continue championing self-defense education for a brighter future.
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