Speak (Suicide Prevention Education Awareness and Knowledge)- An Intellectual Summit
The whole society is focused on the problems arising from various issues. People are conditioned to think about the problems rather than solutions. They become the part of a problem and not part of a solution. The biggest problem our society suffers today is Emotional breakdown not just in extreme cases but even in petty issues also. Since emotional breakdown causing suicidal tendencies can happen in any one’s life, in any age, in any status and in both the genders. Reports say that imbalanced or over reactive behaviours result either in self-killing or killing others.
SEIF came forward to discover the hidden solutions to these suicidal tendencies and related problems and issues for which SEIF invited Eminent personalities elevated in their chosen fields of endeavour. From more than 15-20 fields like Judicial,Political,Medical,Social Fine arts ,Spiritual etc.SEIF brought all these professionals to one dias and sought their suggestions, advices and innovative ideas to address these issues by finding various solutions to improve mental health of the peope. All these integrated ideas have been collected on this occasion. SEIF noted down all these innovative ideas and solutions to address the insurmountable problems and represent them to the Governments for the wellness of the society.

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SEIF noticed the disruptive impact of cynical thoughts on young individuals' lives. To tackle this issue and improve mental health, it conducted a comprehensive gathering of over 400 experts from 15-20 diverse fields, including intellectuals, psychologists, educators, professionals, teachers, parents, and prominent figures in areas like Judicial, Political, Medical, Social, Fine Arts, and Spiritual domains. Through this collaborative effort, SEIF sought opinions, suggestions, and innovative ideas to address the problem effectively. The aim was to bring about a positive shift in society's conventional mind set by working on individuals' thought process across various sectors.
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