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Though knowledge is divine teachers impart it. Teachers have ultimate role in shaping the children and their future. They are an inspiration to the children to go further and to dream bigger. Teachers are responsible for the holistic development of children making every disciple better human being in the society by injecting Values, Ethics and Principles. So that the students can face the modern day challenges through being resilient in the cut-throat competition in today’s society.
Either the forgotten or unforgotten truth in realizing services of teachers, SEIF brought back to the conservative society their utmost important services by launching a programme called “TREND”. SEIF honoured all the teachers for their untiring and un failing services by falicitating them in different places of Andhra Pradesh. SEIF updates day to day knowledge by various ideas and advices teachers suggest in understaning changes in today’s generation. SEIF started its “TREND” journey from Guntur and spread to Krisha, Vijayanagaram, Visakhapatnam, Kakinada ,Tirupati etc; and still the journey is going on along with the teachers with synergistic approach.

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SEIF's impactful journey has connected with 5000 teachers through 13 TREND programs so far, and their progress continues. Each day, SEIF continues to enrich its knowledge base through the implementation of various ideas and advices suggested by teachers. This collaborative approach fuels the passion for educational innovation and improvement and for better comprehending the ever-evolving changes in today's generation. Teachers are honored with prestigious “Guru Spandana Puraskar” every year for their exceptional and valuable services.
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