International Volunteers Day -Laudable acts being Recognised.

It is volunteers who are more responsible for any organisation to run successfully. volunteer is one who voluntarily comes forward to deliver his/her services out of his/her own personal interest when the cause is genuine. So, SEIF launched Felicitation ceremony on the eve of international volunteers’ day.

SEIF has given utmost importance by recognising their importance and value while organising any program anywhere all over the country. Encouragement to them has added much more value in their life. So many people from different walks of life have voluntarily joined SEIF and became volunteers. Since the views SEIF expressed have matched with many kinds of people in the society made them become volunteers. Such genuine cause attracted them and built good rapport. They hail from different districts and from different states. There were very few volunteers when SEIF started its journey. Today displayed despite exploitation of one’s position, power and their status for personal aggrandizement which is very prevalent in society more than 200 volunteers have joined SEIF from various fields and organizations.


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