World Suicide Prevention Day (Massive action in 13 Districts of A.P and Hyderabad)- A remarkable Event in the History of mankind-
SEIF brought Hope to the despair and to the parched souls on this eve of World Suicide Prevention Day
World suicide prevention Day is an awareness day observed on September 10th every year in order to provide world wide commitment and action to prevent suicides across the world through various activities.
The one and only objective of SEIF is to build “Suicide free India”. The hall mark of SEIF etched its name in the society working committedly on evaluating, promoting certain procedures to subdue the suicidal tendencies through proper counselling. It centers its work on the holistic development of youth more on strengthing emotional efficiencies, learning the secret of balance through various awareness programmes. One such instance is SEIF has taken a Massive action in 13 Districts of Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad for bringing hope compaigning that “No problem is Permanent in the world including Physical disability”. Ultimately SEIF has injected a new vitality bringing a ray of hope by all means especially through organizing its own awareness activities. The Honourable Home Minister Of Andhra Pradesh Smt. Mekathoti Sucharitha chaired the dias on the occasion and appreciated the SEIF selfless contribution to the society.

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SEIF has breathed new life into the community, instilling a ray of hope through its unwavering commitment to raising awareness on suicide prevention. With meticulous planning and execution, SEIF has conducted 13 impactful awareness activities in 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh and One in Hyderabad touching the lives of an impressive 50,000 students in 2021and reaching out to 79 centers in Andhra Pradesh and 5 centers in Telangana with an astounding number of One lakh and fifty thousand students through online and offline platform on the occasion of Suicide Prevention Day in 2022. Through these well-crafted programs, SEIF endeavors to create a profound, positive influence on society, cultivating a compassionate and supportive environment for all.
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