India being an ancient country for all kinds of research and developments originated from its rich traditions and customs based on Ethics and Values, our culture and spiritual beliefs impact our paradigm and everything we do. There has been stableness and strong immune system carried from generations to generations for the holistic wellness of an Individual. After all, wellness is all about the way we live and experience the joy, fulfilment and health.

Perceptional changes and bringing balance are the crucial aspects of wellness. Overall, balanced life can bring many advantages for long-lasting happiness in life. For a balanced life there is always time to do things that make us feel happy, elevated, and fulfilled. SEIF works for creating awareness in the Individuals about how to create balance in all the situations faced in the day-to-day society by incorporating Eight elements of wellness.


1. Physical Wellness : Physical wellness boosts mental health. One can perform to the best of one’s ability in all areas of life, even academically with better health.

2. Emotional wellness : Emotional wellness brings happy and more blissful life, and also allows us to reach our full potential. It helps us to cope effectively with stress and adapt to change.

3. Intellectual wellness: It is important to explore new ideas and understandings in order to become more mindful and better rounded. Having an optimal level of intellectual wellness inspires exploration.

4. Spiritual Wellness: Physical, mental, and spiritual health, all three are deeply intertwined and have a profound effect on one another. Spiritual wellness is a process of continuous seeking to learn and grow in the inside fostering maturity levels go up to understand the meaning of eternal bliss.

5. Social Wellness : Social wellness involves building healthy, nurturing, and supportive relationships as well as fostering a genuine connection with those around us. Healthy relationships are a vital component of health. People who have a strong social network tend to live longer and Positive social relationships increase our self-esteem.

6. Financial Wellness : Financial wellness is an important part of overall wellbeing which directly affects physical, mental, and social wellness. It can helps lower our stress levels. It makes us realise what is real wealth. SEIF emphasizes that wealth creation solely does not depend on completely getting involved in the money making process. The noble acts of any person, the blessings of the Elders and well-wishers, the reciprocatory nature of a person all contribute for financial well-being. “We get what we Give”. This in turn makes anyone rich financially.

7. Environmental wellness : Environmental wellness creates harmony between the individual and the society to lead a pollution-free healthy life ahead. It helps ensure the future health of our communities and the world. When our surroundings are well cared for, we experience a greater sense of comfort and less anxiety.

8. Cultural wellness : It is our responsibility to avoid the discriminations and to carry forward the legacy of Cultural wellness to our next generations. That’s how “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” can be maintained. Ultimate benefit of cultural wellness is – attaining “self-awareness” by exploring new places, learning new things, and discussing with people with unmatched frequencies. It helps to develop Positive relationships and to interact respectfully with people of different backgrounds.




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