Spandana Eda international Foundation (SEIF) is a non-profit organization founded on 28th january 2020 by Dr Eda Samuel Reddy and Eda Anji Reddy . SEIF works selflessly to induce right ingredients for the wellness of today’s youth in india. Regardless of colour,cast and creed .SEIF took an oath that only on the purpose of Developing Emotional strength to avoid suicides or suicidal tendencies among the youth across india.

Spandana Eda International Foundation was launched with the motive of finding out various reasons by deeply researching the changes that occur from generation to generation .one among such is the most immatured approach in the youth causing the tender emotional states to trigger the thoughts of self-punishment.SEIF works on evaluating. promoting the procedures to subdue suicidal tendencies through proper counseling. the most pathetic unforgettable thing is the end of the life of a loved one. SEIF fonder Dr. Eda Samuel Reddy’s one and only daughter. Spandana Eda ended her life by committing suicide on 2nd January 2020 which brought severe mental agony to parents and among the family members. 

The pain left the parents and family members like parched souls in an utter states of mind which aroused an idea not to let any individual commit suicide or even not to develop suicidal tendencies also .with the soul aim of genuine cause Dr Eda Samuel Reddy and family members launched SEIF which works committedly only for the holistic development of youth,srengthening the emotional efficiencies thought various awareness programs and counselling sessions.SEIF observed the cynical thoughts disrupt the normal life of youngsters. so,it gathered opinions ,suggestions and advices from intellectuals, psycholohist and educationlists,various professionals ,teachers ,parents and from prominent people of different walks of life and started to work on the thoughts process of individuals in various sectors to bring a shift in conventional paradigm of the society and SEIF also emphasizes that thoughts produce feelings, feelings produce actions and actions produce results.

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Our Vision

Fueled by a dream and determination to be the change maker and torch bearer helping everyone in the society to overcome their psychological issues or perversions, depressions and not to become vulnerable during hard times ,to prove that this sacred ancient land stands for its strength ,commitment and courage and its fellow citizen to possess unfailing and unfailing indefatigability in their holistic life , bring a new paradigm in one’s thinking process enabling strength , moulding one’s personally stand firm forever

Our Mission

To motivate and guide the people of all sects through education, support and expert guidance to overcome hurdles, face insurmountable problems anytime. not to cause great damage for the families society and country at Large to make everyone learn the art of balancing personal,professional and social life, creating a new thinking process using their creative imagination acquire bountiful courage by providing everyone the right insights into their character through training,counseling and several awareness programmes.

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Join our people voluntarily for raising our voices and to overcome the depression in youth. we will provide you with a certification of appreciation after regular 6months of your volunteering… “Every great cause begins as a movement. Join our team to accomplish this great intention.”

Helping Them Today


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