Self-murder is the most preventable form of death. With 80 of suicidal individualities giving us advising signs, the chances of a loved one or an familiarity having displayed these signs at some point in our lives is high. They display advising signs through their geste , mood and the way they talk.
Given that in India, only 8 in,000 people are internal health interpreters, it’s integral that we, the general public, learn how to descry, support and signpost those floundering. It is n’t easy to watch for a loved bone who’s feeling suicidal. You might be overwhelmed by your own passions about the prospect of losing them, or hysterical of saying or doing the wrong thing.

Are you worried about a loved one having thoughts of suicide? Are you wondering what warning signs they might be displaying?

Experts agree that 8 out of 10 individuals exhibit warning signs. Suicide is rarely an impulsive act, multiple factors lead a person to make this decision. YOU can ensure their safety.

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Doorkeeper training is a WHO- recommended self-murder forestallment strategy to help those who are emotionally worried or potentially suicidal. Trained Doorkeepers learn to fete signs of self-murder, give emotional support, convert them to get help, and relate those with suicidality to internal health support services.
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