PRISE (Psychologist Role and Initiative step in Success Education)- For Psychologists, Psychoanalysts and other therapists
The role of Psychologists is highly countable for the society. They are contributing to the wellbeing of society by helping people understand their behaviours and emotions and managing them to lead a better life style. Their contribution need to be prevalent everywhere for the well-being of people. For instance, their services during pandemic were laudable while giving support to the society by giving Group guidance and individual counselling.
The ultimate aim of SEIF is to develop Emotional strength and not let anyone take extreme steps in their life, moreover not even to develop suicidal tendencies by taking procedures, through awareness programmes and proper counselling. To utilize the valuable services of psychologists SEIF decided to launch a programme called “PRISE” on 31st October 2021 for which SEIF invited experienced psychologists from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh connecting them to a single platform. SEIF took it a privilege to honour all the psychologists for their synergistic approach in dealing worst hit situations. SEIF felicitated and started its journey with them in changing the Thought process of individuals to bring a shift in the conventional paradigm of the society.

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SEIF has achieved remarkable progress through its PRISE programs, successfully connecting with and gathering valuable insights from 1000 psychologists thus far and continuing its journey to shift the conventional societal paradigm by transforming individuals' thought processes. To accomplish this, SEIF offers specialized training programs like CBT(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Play Therapy, Transaction Analysis, Dialectical behavior therapy etc: to psychologists, empowering them to foster positive changes in people's perspectives and beliefs and they are Annually bestowed with “Mano Spandana Puraskar” for their exemplary contributions.
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