(Spandana Education and Enrichment Deed)

SEED program concentrates on the high school students of 8th 9th and10th students which is a turning point in their lives. SEIF firmly believes training these students is first and foremost important since they randomly learn picking up knowledge from various sources such as teachers, movies, TVs, friends, relatives and from Peer pressure. What is learnt in school life can sustain all their life impacting their formative years.

SEIF launched “SEED” programme to focuses on imparting skills on their study management, financial management, emotional management and interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. SEIF emphasizes on interpersonal skills coupled with study management of gathering knowledge plays vital role in the success and achievement of any person. Increasing I.Q and E.Q levels in the students can bring harmony and peace in their life. Financial management brings discipline and they shall not prone to ads which are too much common in the electronic media. SEIF also emphasizes that wealth creation solely does not depend on completely getting involved in the money making process. Money comes to those who share it with benign attitude. Since “what we give is what we get”. Students also learn the value of blessings from their elders and the importance of noble acts which all contribute for financial growth.

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