Women’s Wing – Overcoming all kinds of barriers as a woman.
 Ancient India considered woman as divine embodiment of nature. Women are given highest respect and venerated obsequiously for thousands of years.
              Role of a woman in a family or society counts more than men. Women are gifted more mental faculties and efficiencies than men. But unfortunately they became prone to dangers of society like sexual abuse, physical abuse, discrimination, inequality etc. Despite her physical problems woman also suffers from several other problems from the society and from her own family. Despite all these issues the Conservative and conventional restrictions have added many more encumbrances. Considering all these issues SEIF invited experts and eminent personalities from Medical, Legal, Political, Government and Private sector including academicians and psychologists to train them in order to overcome such issues and balance many things for their holistic development.
                  SEIF launched women’s wing by establishing advisory committee board bringing experts from all the concerned areas for the welfare of women and conducted various regular action-oriented trainings which take place every 2nd and 4th Thursday. The chief aim of women’s wing is to develop confidence levels and to raise their emotional strength and to overcome all types of barriers with the help of eminent personalities in certain particular areas.


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