Life is highly precious and no substitute. There is nothing more important than life on this earth. Knowingly or unknowingly immatured decisions and other hetero factors disturb the harmony of life.
Lack of ability and emotional strength; mostly psychological immaturity makes people take quick decisions without analysis. This immaturity cannot keep up one’s strength in one’s own self. Immaturity is the root cause of most of the problems and issues in today’s life. Not only in a person’s life but it causes the whole dynasty, a race, a sect live with hostility and antagonism.
More than I.Q levels E.Q levels play major role in the health of a person in the society. So to improve these emotional capacities, SEIF has organized various training programs offline and online for all the general public only with a motto of raising their maturity levels and bringing Emotional strength in public in order to let everyone know the value of life.
These trainings have helped thousands of people to overcome depression and other mental issues. SEIF has practically received more than 200 witnesses who have stopped from ending their lives through calls and meetings and rest who have not called to share their experiences have no number. It is all about sharpening the saw. Brushing the skills, raising the self, increasing the strengths and updating knowledge are a continuous process of today’s life for which SEIF has taken all the initiative.

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Spandana has achieved a significant milestone by successfully conducting 700 "Life is Precious-Value it " programs to date. It has reached an impressive milestone, touching the lives of 1 million people so far and successfully helping individuals overcoming depression and other mental challenges. What’s even more inspiring is the powerful testimonies of over 500 people who found hope and decided against ending their lives. Their stories reinforce the profound impact of our efforts.
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