TREAT (Teens Responsibility Enrichment and Attitude Training) – To develop Positive attitudes in the Teens
The dynamism is in the spirit of young minds. Youth always represent the effectiveness rather than efficiency. It is so fortunate that India is the only country in the world that has more population of youth. Tenderness of youth often brings chaos in their families. The entire future of a country is based on the youth. The globalisation has brought multi cultures into conflicts in certain cases and technology is misused by some percentage of the youth.
SEIF observed the changes in today’s youth either in getting addicted to Digital technology or in short term gains regardless of nature of job even in case of undenying their lust in the name of love not realising the difference between real love and reel love. They are more vulnerable to global changes and became prey for the allurement. Apprehensions disrupt the normal life of youngsters. Putting all these issues in mind SEIF introduced” TREAT” programme and through this programme SEIF laid stress on EQ levels, empowerment of teenagers and youth and steps to overcome digital addiction etc.

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Treat's initiatives have touched the lives of 15,000 students so far, garnering exceptional feedback. These programs are evidently vital and cherished by the students, motivating us to expand our efforts, continue our mission of empowering even more young minds. Grateful for the journey, we eagerly look forward to further enriching the lives of countless more young minds.
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